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Versatile acting moments of the ever-funny American actress Emma Stone
November 06 2023, 08:00

Emma Stone is a popular actress who has appeared in a variety of movies, from sappy rom-coms and powerful dramas to super-hero flicks. Stone was born on Nov. 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona. She started acting at a young age, but it was after her move to Los Angeles when her career took off. 

Stone's first role was in television, in the 2004 show "In Search of the Partridge Family." She continued to take television roles until her film debut in the 2007 comedy, "Superbad." A few years later, she landed the role of Olive in "Easy A."

In 2011, Stone starred in three films, "The Help," "Friends with Benefits" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love." In 2012, she played Gwen Stacy in the super-hero movie "The Amazing Spider-Man," alongside Andrew Garfield, who played the titular character. The two returned to their characters for the 2014 sequel.


In 2016, Stone was in the Oscar-winning movie "La La Land," where she herself won an Oscar. One of Stone's more recent roles was playing the Disney villain in the 2021 movie, "Cruella." 

In her personal life, Stone has dated a few of her co-stars, including Garfield, whom she dated while making the "Spider-Man" films. Though Stone and Garfield went their separate ways, they have remained friends and spoken highly of each other over the years since their split. 

Now, Stone is married to "Saturday Night Live" segment director Dave McCary. In March 2021, the two welcomed a baby girl, Louise Jean.