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Jake Paul dismisses conspiracy that he and brother Logan are planning fight after brief skirmish
September 07 2023, 08:00

Jake and Logan Paul are family - but that has not stopped them from becoming rivals in the energy drink business.

Jake is a partner with CELSIUS energy drinks, while Logan, a WWE superstar, has promoted PRIME since last year. However, there is quite a kicker here.

Logan's business partner, fellow YouTuber KSI, and Jake have had a long beef with one another.


Last month, the brothers made headlines when Jake called out his older brother for "playing both sides" - Jake said Logan would either play the "brother" card or "being my own entity" card when each one benefited him.

The two got into a rather tense discussion on Logan's "Impaulsive" podcast shortly after Jake beat Nate Diaz in a boxing match in Dallas, which led to a fanfare conspiracy theory that the two were simply marketing a Paul vs. Paul boxing match.

Paul said he is "at the drawing board" for his next opponent, but his brother is definitely not on the list.

"Everyone thinks that. Everyone thought we were just marketing a fight. We’re not gonna be fighting," the younger Paul said to Fox News Digital in a recent interview. 

"Sometimes, brothers get into little bickering matches, and that’s just the name of the game. I think family goes through the bumps – there’s just 100 million people watching."

Jake said he and Logan are on good terms and are now handling everything "in private."


"People go through things, and it is what it is," Jake said.

When Jake fought Diaz, Logan claimed he was threatened to be ejected from American Airlines Center if he had a prime bottle - CELSIUS was the main sponsor of the fight.

Logan said the threat was "f---ing ridiculous," but Jake said he should just "get over it."

Before that chat, though, Jake said he looks up to Logan's business ventures.

"We both want each other to do the best that we can, and I think that’s most important at the end of the day," Jake said to Fox News Digital last month. "There’s obviously the comparison because we’re brothers, but I’m super happy for him and his success.

"What he’s done is unprecedented in terms of his business acumen and everything. He’s just absolutely crushing it, and he inspires me. So, that’s what’s really most important."

Logan will be fighting Dillon Dannis on Oct. 14, which Jake thinks could end in a first-round knockout victory for his brother.