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Biden ripped for leaving Medal of Honor ceremony early: 'ABHORRENT'
September 06 2023, 08:00

Social media users erupted after video appeared to show President Biden leaving a White House Medal of Honor ceremony early, before the closing prayer.

Users accused Biden of having "bolted out of the room" and disrespecting the U.S. military veteran receiving the nation’s highest military honor.

The incident took place Tuesday just after Biden placed the medal on former U.S. Army Captain Larry Taylor.

Taylor, 81, received the medal for heroic action during the Vietnam War. In 1968, the then-1st Lt. Taylor flew his helicopter into harm’s way to rescue four of his comrades who were surrounded by the enemy and facing certain death. 


Describing his actions during the ceremony, Biden said, "It was pitch black. No moon. No stars. No light beyond the glow of Lieutenant Taylor’s cockpit control, when he heard a whisper coming through his radio, ‘We’re surrounded.’ Lieutenant Taylor knew the risks, but he was ready."

Towards the end of the ceremony, Biden placed the medal around Taylor’s neck, and, rather than wait there for the audience to finish applauding and the MC to read the concluding prayer, he walked down the aisle and appeared to leave the ceremony.

The benediction was then read as Taylor stood onstage by himself. Someone in the crowd seemed to gesture to Taylor to remain standing up front despite the president having left.

Video from previous Medal of Honor awards ceremonies in 2020 and 2021 showed that Biden remained on stage with previous medal recipients as the concluding prayer was said.

In official videos from both years, Biden only left after the event was dismissed and the White House band began playing.


Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, pointed out this seemingly abrupt exit. 

"Joe Biden just BOLTED out of the room immediately after awarding the Medal of Honor to Army Captain Larry Taylor. The ceremony continued on for several minutes afterwards. Biden completely missed a concluding prayer," posted. 

Young Americans for Liberty’s account wrote, "A very confused President Biden walks out in the middle of Medal of Honor ceremony before the benediction."

Conservative influencer Graham Allen posted, "Biden just DITCHED the closing prayer of the Medal of Honor ceremony… Absolutely ABHORRENT." writer Bonchie asked, "What in the world is going on here? Biden just walks out in the middle of a Medal of Honor ceremony as people applaud. Did he think he was at the State of the Union?"

"BREAKING: Biden bizarrely walks out of ceremony honoring veterans at the White House before it concludes. It’s clear he’s suffering from cognitive decline but Blue MAGA refuses to see it. They’re conditioned to defend their leader & party no matter what," podcaster Ryan Knight wrote. 

"He wasn’t supposed to leave yet. In East Room ceremonies they always ask people to remain in their seats while the president exits when the ceremony is finished. More mental confusion," Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen said.

The White House did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. 

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