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Barstool's Dave Portnoy starts social media war with beloved Savannah Bananas: 'Lame a-- content'
August 22 2023, 08:00

Dave Portnoy is back as owner of Barstool Sports, and one of his first changes: No more Savannah Bananas content on social media pages. 

That’s right, Portnoy is not a fan of the beloved independent baseball team that has gained popularity for their iconic "Banana Ball," which features rules that include an out if a fan catches a foul ball and no walks allowed. 

Portnoy started a social media war with the Bananas on X Monday, simply tweeting "I’m so f---ing sick of the Savanah [sic] Bananas."


Of course, the Bananas, a team well known for their social media presence – they perform TikTok trending dances on the field during games – couldn’t let Portnoy say that. 

"Barstool is in our DMs every day asking to reshape our videos," the Bananas wrote under someone who responded to Portnoy saying, "They might be sick of you too.

"We’ll let Dave have his moment."

The Bananas also pointed out that Barstool Sports personality Marty Mush hit BP with them recently when they were in Staten Island. 


"Yes he was," the Bananas replied to a fan who referenced Marty Mush’s appearance. "It’s almost like… everyone at Barstool is a huge fan. Weird."

Portnoy went back at the Bananas after that. 

""I’m back. Lame s--- is out," Portnoy wrote on X. "Congrats on having low rent talent make lame a-- videos. Oh Marty Mush took BP! You’re proving my point."

But Portnoy didn’t just leave it to social media – he posted a blog on Barstool Sports explaining why he is sick of the baseball squad. 

In a post titled, "The Savanah [sic] Bananas Think They Are Cool Cause Marty Mush Took BP With Them," Portnoy didn’t hold back any thoughts on the Bananas.

Portnoy called what the Bananas do a "kids show" that plays "wacky baseball and do wacky things and it works for them." He didn’t knock their popularity, though he made an "Editor’s note" that said "I hate kids."

Then, he let it rip. 

"But what is driving me crazy is seeing their clips go viral every 2 seconds," he wrote. "Like after the 9,000th clip of essentially the same exact thing we get the point.

"Oh the center fielder did a flip catching a routing fly ball. Ohh the umpire is dancing. Oh they are dancing their way to the batters box. Oh they are doing the Toosie Slide. Enough already.

"It’s lame a-- content."

Portnoy added that he told his social team not to post their videos any longer on Barstool’s platforms. 

And what did the Bananas do after Portnoy tried to dunk on them? They posted a video of him saying, "Go Bananas."

Portnoy wants war and the Bananas seem to be answering the call.