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Biden's open border worsens fatherhood crisis in America
August 21 2023, 08:00

Our nation is facing a serious fatherhood crisis. With more than 18 million fatherless children in America, this crisis is deadly to our society. 

I’ve spent much of my life working against the fatherless crisis in America, recently helping the state of Florida to pass a comprehensive fatherhood bill. Without strong fathers, children grow up in lawless homes and are more likely to live in poverty and more likely to commit violent crimes. 

Now, this crisis has exacerbated at a dramatic rate as the southern border crisis worsens and has descended into total chaos. 

This crisis has a direct correlation to the fatherlessness crisis in our country. Already millions of children live in fatherless homes, and as millions of unaccompanied migrant children pour into already impoverished areas, this crisis is reaching every single American community.


As chair of a committee at the GEO Group, I work to protect human rights and support vulnerable individuals. In the course of my time there, our data and research has made it clear that we have a crisis at our border that is adding to the fatherless crisis our country is already facing. 

Since the Biden administration took office, we have seen the highest number of unaccompanied children crossing the border that has ever been recorded in America’s history.

This administration has completely abdicated its border security role. They allow criminals and illegal aliens to enter our country without monitoring their whereabouts. And they have no strategy or desire to locate or apprehend them. They have reinstituted a catch and release policy, allowing unvetted illegal aliens from all over the world into the country. 

It is perfectly clear that every town in America is now a border town. Unfortunately, all of their actions are having a profound effect on the growing fatherlessness crisis.


Open border policies have created a humanitarian crisis, encouraging people to put their lives in the hands of callous organized crime cartels who smuggle millions of people across the border. 

The majority of migrants who make this dangerous journey are physically and sexually assaulted along the way. Young girls are forced to carry the morning-after pill with them because they know they are likely to be raped many times along this horrific journey.

To date, more than 396,000 unaccompanied children have been trafficked or smuggled across the southern border since Joe Biden became president, and the administration has lost contact with at least 85,000 of them. These vulnerable children are subjected to horrific situations as they attempt to cross the border illegally, including being exploited for cheap, dangerous labor. 


Many of these children are "recycled" and brought across the border several times by gang members or violent criminals who are seeking to exploit the system and claim to be a parent of the child. Sadly, these children become victims who are left with no father at all, joining the hundreds of thousands of other children in our country who do not have a father figure in their lives. 

The current policies allow a speedy release across the border as long as they bring their "child" with them, encouraging criminals to abuse children and force them into human trafficking. Additionally, the Biden administration lowered the standards of vetting procedures for sponsors who take migrant children, opening the door to increased human trafficking and other harmful conditions.

In the last two years, there has been the largest mass illegal migration this country has ever seen, while at the same time, this administration has removed the fewest illegal and criminal aliens since such records have been kept. 

This is not an accident. Instead, it is a byproduct of the lack of desire to enforce our nation’s laws. There is no enforcement at the border, nor in the interior of the U.S. 

As a Christian, I feel it is my duty to protect these vulnerable children, as we are commanded in Psalms 83:3-4: "Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked."