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A quarter of parents lied about kids' health to 'exercise freedoms'
March 10 2023, 08:00

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COVID-19 SHOCKER - Parents lied to "exercise personal freedoms." Continue reading…

OBESITY RISING – See the World Obesity Federation's startling prediction. Continue reading…

BINGE-DRINKING DANGERS – Discover why alcohol and teens don't mix. Continue reading…

ROYAL INCLUSION – Woman campaigns for a disabled Disney princess. Continue reading…

KETO CONTROVERSY – Find out why low-carb diets could be dangerous. Continue reading…

MEASLES ALERT – Some 20,000 people were exposed at a revival. Continued reading…

100 DAYS OF MCDONALD'S - Read about one grandpa's drive-thru diet. Continue reading…

BBL NOT A-OK – Discover the dangers of the popular butt-lift surgery. Continue reading…






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