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LAURA INGRAHAM: The allure of power is too great for compassion with these ladies
February 18 2023, 08:00

Laura Ingraham says first lady Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman are not admitting the reality of their husbands' fitness for office on "The Ingraham Angle."


LAURA INGRAHAM: Here we are… sadly vindicated, wondering how two women closest to sick men in declining health can even live with themselves. Both Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman know better than anyone how unfit to serve their husbands are. Now, as bad as both men have looked and sounded at various times to the rest of us, imagine how bad they are behind closed doors. But of course, these women lie to themselves and then they lie to us. 

But I guess the allure of power is too great for compassion and common sense in these cases, because these women are pushing their men beyond their limits, not out of a devotion to their constituents, but due to these women's own desire for political power and prestige.

Well, one week after spending three days in the hospital for a separate health issue, the Pennsylvania senator had again checked himself into Walter Reed. Now, while a lot of details aren't there yet, the media quickly moved to minimize the medical developments themselves. This from Rolling Stone: John Fetterman joins John McCain, Donald Trump, Patrick Leahy and countless other politicians who have sought treatment at a hospital. OK, is that what's going on, just treatment at a hospital?

Then there was the effort to frame this as some brave and vulnerable act, not anything that would be considered craven or a cruel political calculation by a stage wife and political nihilists. And at the White House briefing today, our favorite binder-reader, she chimed in. It was kind of a preemptive defense against criticism of all those, including Biden himself, who vouch for this poor man's capabilities.