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Joe Concha on Biden document scandal: 'No way' Trump can be indicted unless Biden is, too
January 16 2023, 08:00

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said Monday there is "no way" former President Trump could be indicted on classified documents unless President Biden is as well, calling out the White House after a fourth batch of documents was uncovered at the president's Delaware beach house. Concha told "Fox & Friends First" that the classified document developments could signal trouble for both Biden and Trump's 2024 plans


JOE CONCHA: There is no way, in a sane and sober world, that Donald Trump can be indicted right now unless Biden is also, and we know the latter ain't going to happen because this whole thing is either weird or rancid. All of these classified documents, they're at three separate locations, and they've been sitting there for six years until this point. Right now, a sitting president was likely going to announce that he's going to run again. Now they're all discovered, right? This look, this makes the swamp look like the Mediterranean. 

Peter Doocy, I think, asked what I thought was the best question last week when he pressed the Karine Jean-Pierre on the visitor logs for the house in Wilmington. Now, remember, Joe Biden has been in Delaware for nearly 200 days, 61 weekends of his presidency in Delaware since becoming president. And the press secretary is going to respond by saying, 'Well, we've been very transparent about the White House logs.' No, we're asking about the Delaware logs because we need to know who's been going in and out of a crime scene, particularly in Wilmington, Delaware, where the president is right now, and all those documents keeping found throughout this house, including next to his Corvette.