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Pro-female activist allegedly threatened by trans protesters fights to keep men 'from women's spaces'
November 16 2022, 08:00

Several transgender activists verbally threatened a group of pro-women's rights demonstrators at a rally in Manhattan on Monday, saying they would "beat" the attendees, video footage appeared to show.

Jeanna Hoch attended the "Let Women Speak" rally, a nationwide tour organized by Kellie-Jay Keen, a British women’s rights campaigner, to give women a platform to speak about the effects of gender ideology. 

The event was viewed as transphobic by counter-protesters who began threatening rally attendees, footage showed. 

Hoch said Tuesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" the energy around the event was dangerous.

"It was very high-energy. It was not good. I don’t think I expected it to be that bad. Obviously we were threatened. Women were assaulted," she said. "Police were assaulted. I can’t believe actually how much abuse they put up with."


"It’s upsetting to see the spin in the newspaper that it was either an equal fight or that the police were being brutal against people, because that was not the case at all."

Hoch said she attended the event to talk about the harm of transgender ideology, adding that the group of women at the rally didn't necessarily share the same political views but wanted to come together to speak out about the erasure of women. 

"[The transgender activists] always come out. They show themselves to be everything that we say is the reason that we do not want these people, these men, these violent men for the most part, in our spaces intended for women and girls," she told guest host Will Cain. 

The tour was canceled in Seattle due to "credible threats of violence," Hoch continued, saying rally members were attacked in Tacoma and security guards were hired for tours in Austin, Chicago and Washington, D.C. 

A police spokesperson told Fox News Digital nine people were arrested at the rally and would likely be given a summons and released.