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Jake Paul gets into frenzied altercation with Tyson and Tommy Fury's dad at Floyd Mayweather Jr event
November 14 2022, 08:00

Jake Paul was on hand for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fight against YouTube star Deji Olatunji on Sunday night in Dubai, and the boxer nearly got into a skirmish with Tyson and Tommy Fury’s dad.

Paul was on commentary for the fight between Tommy Fury and Rolly Lambert and answered the question as to why he would not fight Tommy Fury, saying "this guy sucks." Paul also shouted "you f---ing suck" and "you have no d---," according to Talk Sport.


When the exhibition between Fury and Lambert was over, John Fury was agitated with Paul and removed his shirt to address the undefeated boxer. Paul was still on commentary and called the elder Fury a "fat, miserable old man."


John Fury explained to reporters after the spectacle that he was not going to take anything from anyone, let alone Paul. He boasted his fighting capabilities, though he has not fought professionally since 1995.

"I know I’m capable of tearing limbs off people like that," Fury said.

Paul was fresh off a victory against Anderson Silva in Arizona last month and made an appearance at WWE’s Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia to support his brother, Logan, in a match against Roman Reigns.

Paul and Tommy Fury have some history. The two were supposed to fight over the summer, but Tommy Fury was denied entry into the U.S. The fight was eventually called off, leading to Tyron Woodley to step in and take his place after Hasim Rahman Jr. also dropped out.

It is unclear whether those two would ever fight. Paul has teased kickboxer and social media star Andrew Tate as his potential next opponent.