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Levin warns that midterm Dems are the most 'radical Marxist' slate ever put up for election
November 04 2022, 08:00

Former Reagan Justice Department Chief of Staff Mark Levin warned that while the past several elections' Democratic Party slates have been decidedly left-wing, none have been so Marxist and anti-democratic as the one being presented to the American people on Tuesday.

Levin warned he's never seen people so bent on "destroy[ing] this country" as he has in the key swing states, which otherwise tend to trend centrist, this cycle.

"Let's all pretend we're ten points behind everywhere across the country. That's what we ought to do… But we got to get our ass and gear and defeat these people. They're going to destroy the country. This is the biggest line up of Democrat Party reprobates who want to serve in the Senate, in the House that I've ever seen in my life," he said.

"[This is] the worst, most extreme hate-America crowd you can imagine," he said, explicitly pointing to statewide candidates in Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia.

Levin characterized Biden, in turn, as a "damnable Washington bureaucrat" who spent his entire adult life on the taxpayer's dime and allegedly that of the "Communist Chinese payroll."

"That goes for Pelosi and Schumer too," he said, as Pelosi succeeded the late Rep. Sala Burton, D-Calif., in 1987 – and Schumer has worked explicitly in politics since his 1974 election to the New York State Assembly representing Brighton Beach.

Levin said the election transcends basic right-and-left politics, and that it presents voters with an even more dire choice:

"Do you like being called names by Joe Biden in his party? Did you ever have a president of the United States who's trashing the American people?" he asked, noting Biden declared Trump voters to be dangerous to democracy.

Keying into the fact Biden has repeatedly lamented Republicans as "deniers" of various instances such as the 2020 elections, Levin said Democrats are collectively "gas price deniers," and deniers of open borders, fentanyl, and "massive debt."

"Of course, they're desperate. They want you to actually believe that if you vote for these wild, crazy, riotous Republicans who are well known for overthrowing the country… burning down cities… attacking cops and the military; who are well known for burning the American flag… that we will not have our country the day after the election. Really?" Levin said facetiously.

Levin however added that Republicans are not to be automatically trusted either, focusing on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. – whom he said has "trashed" the "citizen candidates."

Returning to the Democratic Party's new "Marxist" identity, Levin said they have successfully transformed the American republic into something the Soviets failed at, and the Chinese have been unsuccessful in for 70 years.

"They did it in 20 months: I would say to Republicans, ‘unite’ – I would say to independents, ‘help us’ -- I would say to Democrats. ‘Wash this dirt off your hands and join us’. This is an election between those who love America and those who hate America."

"We have a man in the Oval Office. Every speech he gives, he's cringing -- He's grinding his teeth – He's angry and he's angry at you."