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Govt report allegedly finds more than 150 cases of unexplained UFO's: 'We don't know what these things are'
November 03 2022, 08:00

An upcoming report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) allegedly found more than 150 unexplained UFO encounters in 2021. 

Daily Mail senior reporter Josh Boswell said Wednesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" only half of the 366 UFO, or unidentified flying object, sightings could be properly explained. 

"The sources that I have are telling me they just don’t know what these things are. You know, there’s a proportion of these cases, 366 in this classified report, that’s going to Congress probably tomorrow that are explained, that are Chinese drones, for example," he said.

 "The unexplained ones they just have no clue, because these things are moving in ways that we just don’t understand. At hypersonic speeds, and then they just turn on a dime. I mean, it’s incredible." 

Boswell added the U.S. government is looking for the 150 unexplained UFO objects and are implementing better reporting procedures. 

"If an F-18 pilot comes across one of these objects that’s hovering above the sea that they’re flying around, they’re more likely to report it now because there’s a proper procedure in place," he told host Tucker Carlson. 

In July, the House of Representatives voted to add an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, making it easier to report UFOs and end fears of retaliation against government employees. 

The amendment asked for the "immediate sharing" of phenomena "previously prohibited from reporting under any non-disclosure written or oral agreement, order, or other instrumentality or means." 

Boswell said ODNI sources told him they are encountering more and more instances of UFO encounters. "It seems like it’s a phenomenon that’s not going away, and it needs to be investigated."

The classified report is expected to head to Congress later this week.