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Texas homeowner says 'hooker' ghosts have taken over rental property: 'They're trying to stir up business'
November 01 2022, 08:00

A Texas woman made a spooky discovery about her rental home in Gainesville after several renters claimed it was haunted. 

Linda Hill, owner of Hill House Manor, told "Jesse Watters Primetime" Monday she was taking a shower when she heard someone say "looking good." 

"I thought it was my husband. I mean, he and I were the only ones in the house," she said. 

However, it wasn't her husband making the comments – t was a ghost, she added. 

"I spoke to him, you know, he told me I was looking good. I said thank you and I asked him what he had been doing that day, and we had a conversation, and he left," Hill explained.

She added that she believes the home has many different types of ghosts. "We’ve got kids, and we’ve got old people, old guys, and we’ve got hookers," she told host Jesse Watters. 


The most common type of ghost that comes around are "hookers," Hill claimed. Male renters, she said, have told her they've felt somebody stroking their face, stroking their arm, or touching their shoulder. 

Host Jesse Watters quipped that the good thing about a "hooker" ghost was that you don't have to pay it. 

"That's right," Hill responded. "They try to stir up business, but they can’t figure out a way to conclude the transaction, so nothing ever happens." 

The Hill Manor owner said a ghost did follow a renter home one time, but eventually got tired. She said she told the man to tell the ghost to come home. "And they did, she came back up here." 

The rental home reportedly has been a popular spot in recent months for paranormal investigators staying the night to figure out the alleged phenomena.