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USA coach Gregg Berhalter should be fired after loss to Uruguay, soccer analyst says
July 02 2024, 08:00

The United States men's national soccer team's loss to Uruguay on Monday night knocked them out of Copa América, a shock to almost everyone who believed this team had a chance to make a run against other powerhouses in the tournament. 

Now, the future of USA men's soccer is coming into question, and it was one that OutKick's "Hot Mic" asked analyst and former MLS star Glenn Davis before the game began at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, on Monday night. 

Davis, who is the play-by-play announcer for the Houston Dynamo of the MLS and someone who has been on the call for World Cup matches for ESPN and FOX Sports, was asked if he believes head coach Gregg Berhalter should be relieved of his duties. 


"I think it should be in the reference and context of the rest of the world and what happens with managers," Davis responded. 

Davis added that it is not even just the Uruguay game that he views in terms of Berhalter's track record with this team of late. 

"I don’t necessarily look at the Uruguay game, I look at the last body of work since the World Cup in Qatar, and I would say it has been very much up and down," he said while motioning with his hand in up and down movements. "At this point, I need to see this team ascending more and seeing it more consistent. I don’t think that’s there."


Davis explained that he likes seeing ex-Team USA players starting to speak up. This is supposed to be the "golden generation" for USA men's soccer, but that success has not been seen yet despite these talented players being on the pitch at the same time. 

Davis believes Berhalter was someone who made sense at the onset, but since these young players have matured a bit, someone else needs to take his place. 

"One of the things I kinda look at, and I haven’t heard many people say this," Davis began. "A lot of the ex-players are weighing in now, too, which is great because we need their opinion. But Gregg Berhalter was the perfect coach for this group of guys in the beginning. Now, this group of guys in the beginning were young kids. They are all now matured and ascended in top clubs in Europe like Juventus, like [AC] Milan, like Chelsea, etc. They’re in pressure-cooker environments. I think they’ve matured now. 

"So the real question is has this group of players outgrown him? Have they gotten a little bit comfortable with him? I believe that’s a distinct possibility, even though I’m not behind the veil of secrecy in the curtain of U.S. soccer."

The obvious follow-up question, if Berhalter is fired, is who should take his place? 

While Davis did have a couple names come to mind, there is a general type of coach he is sure of. 

"I think the next person that comes in has to be somebody that’s God-like and a level above these guys," he said. "So, it has be names like Jurgen Klinsmann, Marcelo Bielsa, names like that.

"It has to be somebody of that status to test the mettle of these kids, these younger players, and see if that lifts them even more."

Team USA will get a bit of a summer break now before heading out to Paris for the Olympic Games. However, perhaps more clarity about where this team goes after a disappointing finish in Copa América will emerge when the sting of Sunday night's loss subsides. 

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