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American Paralympian Ezra Frech implores sports fans to watch Paralympics: 'There is no place for pity'
June 26 2024, 08:00

Sports fans will tune into the Paris Olympics in July and August and cheer for their countries and favorite athletes, and after that, most will turn their attention to college football and the NFL.

American Paralympian Ezra Frech made clear there’s still a major event in between the football season – the Paralympic Games. The event will begin on Aug. 28 and run through Sept. 8.


In an interview with Fox News Digital, he implored the average sports fan to tune in to high-level competition.

"I would hope that the average American or average [viewer] recognizes how elite some of these sports are," Frech said. "People get confused and sometimes feel sorry for some of the athletes. There is no place for pity in the Paralympic Games. These are the best athletes on the planet. They just happen to have a physical disability.

"If you want to tune in and watch high, high, high-level sport, that’s what you tune in to watch the Paralympic Games for. It’s not a sob story, it’s not a pity party. These are the best athletes on the planet competing against one another. And that’s what I hope people take away from the Paralympics.


"Of course, it’s going to be inspiring. OF course, it’s going to be jaw-dropping and shocking and amazing, the same way any other sporting event is. But by no means do you watch the Paralympic Games to feel sorry for athletes. This is elite sport."

Frech, who nearly medaled in the Tokyo Paralympics three years ago, said he expected this year’s event to really resonate with the sporting audience.

"I think the Paralympics is continuing to grow, and I feel like we are at a point in the movement almost comparable to where maybe women’s sports was back 10 to 15 years ago," he added. "We have the opportunity to accelerate this and truly grow the profile the Paralympics. I think that’s what’s going to happen in Paris."

Frech also talked about the growth of his foundation, Angel City Sports, and his recent partnership with the P&G Athletes for Good Fund.

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