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Fox News ‘Antisemitism Exposed’ Newsletter: Alarming survey shows broad support for Hamas, 'dislike' of Jews
March 01 2024, 08:00

Fox News' "Antisemitism Exposed" newsletter brings you stories on the rising anti-Jewish prejudice across the U.S. and the world.


- High school students walk out in protest after Jewish student was called names, attacked
- 42% of Americans admit to having friends, family who either ‘dislike Jews’ or support Hamas: study
-  MIT professor pens expose of campus antisemitism

TOP STORY: A staggering 27% of Americans would consider it "at least somewhat acceptable" for a close family member to support the Hamas terror group, according to a survey conducted by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Antisemitism Research. The ADL found that 23% of Americans have a close friend or family member who "dislike Jews." "In total, more than 42% of Americans either have friends/family who dislike Jews or find it socially acceptable for a close family member to support Hamas," the ADL wrote to summarize the results. 

VIDEO: Rowdy pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted an Israeli soldier's speaking event at UC Berkeley's campus Monday, screaming slurs like "dirty Jews" and "pigs" at Jewish attendees.

HATEFUL ACTIONS: A professor at MIT detailed what he said is rampant on-campus antisemitism that has plagued the university in the weeks and months following the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel. Lionel Kimerling sent a seven-page report detailing antisemitic events on campus as well as a longer 32-page report with extensive evidence of repeated antisemitic events on campus, which were both shared with Fox News Digital. Kimerling said his goal with the report is to help the broader MIT community understand the experiences of Jewish students and the impact of the hateful actions that have persisted on campus.

STANDING UP: Students at a California charter high school protested growing antisemitism on their campus in a walkout. The walkout followed an alleged incident against 15-year-old Jewish student Danielle Eshed who said a student screamed antisemitic comments before attacking her a little over a week ago. "He called me a dirty Jew, and then I said something out of defense. He said he was going to beat me up, and I didn’t believe him until he got up, pushed me and started punching me repeatedly in the neck and the back."

DOUBLE STANDARD?' A Jewish cyclist disinvited as the keynote speaker for an International Women’s Day event due to her previous Israeli military service alleges there was more to her dismissal than meets the eye. "If I was a Palestinian woman, would I also be removed? And, as a Jewish woman, let me just add that I wouldn't feel offended listening to a Palestinian woman talk about her life experiences and stuff that she had gone through, so why am I excluded from this? But it is simply because I'm Jewish. The IDF is just an excuse."

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Four out of five citizens in the United States support Israel, and not Hamas. This gives us additional strength to continue the campaign until absolute victory," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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