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LAURA INGRAHAM: The people's agenda is an existential threat to every radical like Jack Smith or Fani Willis
January 10 2024, 08:00

Fox News host Laura Ingraham lays out the platform she says is a "nightmare" for leftists and plutocrats Tuesday on "The Ingraham Angle."

LAURA INGRAHAM: In the same federal court building where many of the J6 defendants have been sentenced to prison sentences longer than convicted rapists, Donald Trump appeared today as a three-judge panel, appellate panel, heard arguments on his claim of presidential immunity for actions he took when he was in office. His lawyer, John Sauer, pointed out a key concern.

And Trump's presence in that courtroom, which took him off the campaign trail just days before the Iowa caucuses, underscored the vindictiveness of the lawfare being waged against him. As for those who claim that his appearance was political, I just laugh. The entire prosecution of this man is political at every level. Now, no one on this planet thinks that Jack Smith would be blowing tens of millions in taxpayer dollars on the prosecution of the former president had he chosen to retire from politics after the 2020 election.


And for all who argue that once Trump is gone, oh, politics, that's going to return to normal, you obviously haven't been paying any attention because the left will launch vicious, baseless legal attacks on anyone who gets in their way. That means anyone who pledges fundamental change in Washington, they'll be a target. Well, maybe not Nikki Haley because they don't view her as a threat. But certainly DeSantis. someone like a Ramaswamy, anyone like them. Because if the swamp is actually drained and if the civil service is subject to scrutiny and real cuts, the establishment knows that its scams are over. They can't risk losing any part of the permanent bureaucracy. No way. 

So you want to know why despite the plutocrat's pitch for Haley that Trump is in the lead and that Trump plus DeSantis plus Vivek is about what? 82, 84% of the entire party? I'll tell you why. It's because most Republican voters do not believe that any other candidate can withstand the onslaught that he's facing. They believe that eventually they'll all be bought off, that they'll all buckle under the pressure, and they desperately want someone who won't back down like that guy in the car. And for Trump, well, yeah, someone who will stand up to China. Someone who will dismantle the deep state. Someone who will take on the cartels. Someone who will unleash the energy sector, cut the permanent bureaucracy, shut down the censorship industrial complex and even, yeah, even hold the Pentagon accountable. 

Each agenda item that I just laid out empowers working people, but it also threatens the power-hungry globalists. That agenda is what they fear most. That's what terrifies elites like Michelle Obama, whose anti-American resentment goes all the way back to her Princeton thesis, in which recall, that she alleged that universities are designed to cater to the needs of the White students. 

But the agenda also freaks out top Senate Republicans, doesn't it? Who want to police other country's borders as our own stays wide open. Let's put it this way. The people's agenda is an existential threat to every radical, like Jack Smith or Fani Willis, posing as an unbiased prosecutor, and to every politician who clings to power by pushing an endless stream of racial grievance and victimhood to every academic who uses DEI as a weapon against accountability. That platform is a nightmare for leftists and plutocrats, but it represents morning in America for the rest of us.