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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Kevin Costner and Jewel will grow stronger in 2024: Celebrity astrologer
January 02 2024, 08:00

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce found love in 2023 and their relationship will only grow stronger in the new year, according to a pop culture astrologer.

The singer and the NFL star, who were first publicly linked in September, were among the year's most unexpected celebrity couples. However, astrology expert Kyle Thomas told Fox News Digital that he foresees Swift and Kelce's new romance will continue to heat up over the next few months, with potential relationship milestones for the pair on the horizon.

Here's a look at Thomas' 2024 predictions for Swift and Kelce as well as what the stars have in store for other surprise couples of 2023.

Since debuting their romance, Swift and Kelce have both celebrated turning 34. Thomas noted that the Kansas City Chiefs player, who marked his birthday on Oct. 5, is a Libra Sun with a Sagittarius Moon, while the 12-time Grammy Award winner, whose birthday falls on Dec. 13, is a Sagittarius Sun with a Cancer Moon. 


According to Thomas, the proximity between the duo's birthdays is significant. "First and foremost to note is that Travis was born just about two months prior to Taylor," he said. "This means that they will share many key astrological placements – particularly with the outer planets."

He continued, "Generational aspects – the ones we share with our peers, especially those in the same months or years as us – forge important synergy among peer groups. This is what ties us so closely with those who grow up in the same periods as we do, regardless of where we are born."

Thomas pointed out other similarities between Swift and Kelce's star charts could prove to be auspicious for their relationship.

"They both possess Pluto in Scorpio, bringing them great passion and a desire for transformation (with these being conjunct, or in the same place)," Thomas said. "They both possess a Capricorn stellium (multiple planets in the same zodiac sign of Capricorn), with Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all being here. This aids them in breaking down and rebuilding core structures in their lives and in the world at large."

Swift and Kelce were both born with Jupiter in Cancer, which Thomas called "one of the luckiest positions for this planet." Thomas explained that Jupiter in Cancer is considered "exalted" and this position brings both "great capacities for compassion" as well as a "golden touch," particularly when Swift and Kelce "lead with their hearts."

"Last, they both carry a North Node in Aquarius, meaning they carry a great desire to break out of the box, connect to community, and pursue their aspirations, as well as work for the greater good," Thomas said. 

He continued, "With their South Nodes in Leo, they both are naturally drawn to all things that Leo rules – romance, passion, entertainment, the arts, and sports."

"The overall assessment from these placements reveals that in many ways, they possess a karmic entanglement that makes them feel familiar to one another. They can easily be seen as an ideal couple for their generation – somewhat of a King and a Queen of an era."

After analyzing several factors, including romance, intimacy, intellectual rapport, communication, career and financial support, friendship, domestic union, and true long-term synergy, Thomas rated Swift and Kelce's overall compatibility as a "9 out of 10."

In addition, Thomas predicted that the "Blank Space" hitmaker and the two-time Super Bowl champion can expect more good fortune in the new year.

"Of all the couples on this upcoming list, Swift and Kelce have some of the best stars in their favor in 2024 (and beyond)," Thomas said. 

"First and foremost, they are both going through powerful eclipses – tied to destiny – bringing turning points and karmic moments around true love, passion and partnership," he continued. "These began in 2023 and echo into 2025." 

"It would not be surprising to see them making long-term plans and promises, whether that aligns with moving in, building a life together, or even discussing where the relationship is headed like kids, engagement or marriage," Thomas added.

"This is further emphasized by Jupiter, the planet of luck, entering Jupiter after May 25, which favors them both even more for the entire year after it. Beautiful synergy is promised – so don’t be surprised to see them both growing even more prominent in the public as they nurture their connection together!"

Kevin Costner and Jewel were another celebrity couple whose romance took fans by surprise this year. The 68-year-old actor and the 49-year-old singer were photographed cozying up in the Caribbean in late November, two months after the "Yellowstone" star finalized his contentious divorce from ex-wife Christine Baumgartner after 18 years of marriage. 

Thomas noted that Costner, who was born on Jan. 18, 1955, is a "strong" Capricorn Sun with a Virgo Ascendant and a Sagittarius Moon. Jewel, whose birthday is on May 23, 1974, is a Gemini Sun with a Gemini Moon. While Costner's elemental energies are Fire and Earth, Jewel is composed of Air energy.

However, Thomas rated the pair's compatibility highly, pointing out that they share a "very solid connection, with tons of attraction and chemistry."

"Costner’s Moon is directly opposite Jewel’s Sun, bringing a strong sense of partnership and a rapport favoring both active and emotional connection," he said. "Their Suns, ruling their life forces, also are in a tight dance, which favors a flowing relation and an ability to move beneficially together side-by-side. Their other planetary alignments favor excitement, passion and an ability to understand building a solid foundation."

According to Thomas, Costner and Jewel have "a lot of cosmic energy in their favor" as they head into 2024. However, the celebrity astrologer also had words of caution for the couple.

"To be upfront, I do think they need to make sure they’re entirely aligned." Thomas said. "For instance, the eclipses in March and April could help them to rapidly grow closer – or shatter apart." 


"This is further emphasized by Uranus, the planet that stands opposite Costner’s Sun, which can at times make him incredibly impulsive and reactive," Thomas continued. "If he isn’t feeling like he’s getting everything he wants out of the relationship, he could choose to rapidly move in a new direction."

"Yet, if they are able to stick together until at least May, Jupiter, the planet of luck, will link perfectly with his Sun and glide over Jewel’s planets in Gemini – bringing tremendous happy good news around goals, recognition, and romance," he added.

"They could feel that they are really expanding their lives together in tandem and are eager for what lies ahead!"

Despite their 40-year age gap, Cher's romance with boyfriend Alexander "A.E." Edwards appears to be going strong into 2024. The 77-year-old singer and the 37-year-old Universal Music Group executive marked their one-year anniversary in November.

Born on May 20, 1946, Cher is a "powerhouse Taurus Sun with an ambitious Capricorn Moon" as well as a "soulful Cancer Ascendant," per Thomas. Edwards, who celebrated his birthday on Sept. 21, is a "precise Virgo Sun with a sturdy Taurus Moon."

"The thing that I love right off the bat when looking at their astrological compatibility is that they truly are aligned in so many ways," Thomas told Fox News Digital of the pair. 


He continued, "They can certainly build in all areas of life together and experience pleasure, luxury and laughter. It is a very supportive connection, particularly with their Suns in perfect alignment, fostering mutual growth, and their inner and outer planets interacting, too. This provides not only synergy on a daily level, but a sense of understanding each on a longer-term basis." 

"Also, Virgo and Taurus are one of the strongest connections in the zodiac, so they can relate on how they approach the world," Thomas added.

The astrologer predicted that the couple could expect more success and happiness in the new year. 

"Both Cher and Edwards are in a five-star year in 2024!" Thomas exclaimed. "I love this for them. In truth, things really started to get even better for them after May 2023, and this trend lasts until June 2024."

He continued, "Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, moves through Taurus, fostering growth and sweetness for them both – especially between May and June 2024."

Thomas noted that 2024 would be an especially fortuitous year for the "Believe" songstress. "Cher’s birthday is close to the luckiest day in 2024 – May 18, 2024 – which means that she will have one of the luckiest and joyous years of her life starting on that date, too."

However, Thomas warned that Edwards may face difficult times in the next couple of years. He told Fox News Digital that Edwards is "being opposed by Saturn, the planet of hardship – especially in 2025 and 2026 – which could cause him to feel isolated, broken, and challenged by the universe."

"However, prior to that, the rapport is likely to grow," Thomas added. "I also want to point out that Cher’s birth chart often reveals that she chooses partners who can serve her in some way, and likes the distance between age as revealed by her stars." 

"This gives her a deep sense of power and security in the connection and an ability to be emotionally vulnerable."

Jane Seymour and John Zambetti debuted their new romance in October with the 72-year-old actress declaring that she "had never been happier." Seymour was born on Feb. 15, 1951, making her an "intelligent Aquarius Sun with a communicative Gemini Moon," according to Thomas. 

Meanwhile, the 74-year-old musician, whose birthdate is Oct. 5, 1949, is an "inquisitive Libra Sun with a sensitive Pisces Moon." 


After assessing the pair's astrological compatibility, Thomas highlighted their strengths and weaknesses as a couple.

"They are most favored around intimacy, laughter, communication, and building a strong foundation in home, family, and in finances," he said. "In truth, their support of one another’s charts around professional arenas isn’t quite as strong, so it is clear that they’re each looking for a partner to enjoy life and grow old with."

Thomas predicted that 2024 would bring a period of great expansion for both Seymour and Zambetti, especially pertaining to their relationships.

"This is due to Jupiter’s movement into a fellow Air sign after May 2024," he explained. "This will link to them both in a way that favors more exploration of life, travel, and learning more about the world."

He continued, "Zambetti, though, could be craving far more experimentation and adventure around love, particularly with Uranus cranking up the impulsive energy in his love life (as it dances with his Venus). It is clear he is also looking to build a stronger foundation around home, domesticity, and emotions, particularly in 2024 and 2025." 


"Seymour will significantly feel this, too, as Saturn, the planet of stability and longevity, unites with her Venus, Mars, and Jupiter – all favoring making concrete plans for the long-term around goals, relationships and personal evolution."

"This definitely feels like it has the ability to be a very supportive and long-term union," Thomas concluded.

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater met on the set of their upcoming movie musical "Wicked" earlier this year and sparked romance rumors after splitting from their spouses in July. The 30-year-old singer finalized her divorce from husband Dalton Gomez after two years of marriage in October.

Slater, 31, is in the process of divorcing his wife Lilly Jay, with whom he shares a 1-year-old son. While Grande and Slater haven't officially confirmed their relationship, the two have been spotted out together on several occasions over the past few months. Most recently, the pair were photographed stepping out for dinner in New York City with Grande's father Ed Butera.

Thomas noted that Grande, who was born on June 27, 1993, is a Cancer Sun, with a Libra Moon, and a Capricorn Rising while Slater's June 2 birthday makes him a Gemini Sun with a Cancer Moon.

"Right off the bat, as I peer into their astrological compatibility, I do sense there is a lot of romantic chemistry, joy and laughter between them," Thomas said. "While they don’t have as much in their favor to be a 'forever union,' they are actually pretty compatible when it comes to being supportive of each other in career and finances, too."


"There is a sense of stability, trust, and loyalty between them with Ethan’s Moon in a trine with Ariana’s Saturn," he continued. "Ethan’s Venus is in a trine with Ariana’s Moon, bringing sympathy, pleasure and warmth. They can feel relaxed and nurturing."

"They also just feel so expansive, enthusiastic and childlike together, especially with a genuine sense of humor shared where they make each other feel good and like to be adventurous, joyful and optimistic together," Thomas added.

"With one another’s Moons, ruling their inner emotional worlds, also linked with one another’s Suns, ruling their life forces, this reveals it is one of the best connections for a powerful, united and supportive union."

However, Thomas pointed out that if the pair's romance doesn't last, he predicted that they are likely to remain as friends due to their rapport.


As for 2024, Thomas noted that the connection between Grande and Slater was "one of the trickier ones on this list."

"While I do think this relationship is particularly favored – especially after May 2024, I do think there is a risk of the energy fizzling out," Thomas cautioned.

He continued, "On one hand, Grande’s chart reveals a deep need for finding stability at this time, and Slater’s chart reveals he’s thinking big about the next steps of his life due to the connection. He is particularly favored in seeing Grande as not only a lover but also a friend at this time, but I think things could start to shift for them in the springtime."

"Emotions could become quite intense – for good or for worse. Luckily, even if some of their fears or anxieties do pop out at that time, if they can make it to the summer, they will enjoy a particularly magical period after that."

"But I do not think this relationship will last longer than a couple of years at the most – it would require a lot of compromise, particularly from Grande," Thomas concluded.