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The top 10 fun and futuristic tech that dazzled 2023
December 29 2023, 08:00

Ready to explore some of the coolest and most amazing tech that is changing the world as we know it?

Whether you’re into water sports, baking, dating or anything in between, there’s something for you in this list. 

Here are the top 10 fun and futuristic innovations of 2023.


Let’s start with something that will make you want to hit the water. Imagine a jet ski that looks like a sports car, with a sleek design, a powerful engine and ergonomic seating. That’s what you get with JetCar California's latest aquatic marvel. 

Picture a low-profile, aerodynamic wonder that skims across the water with the elegance of a swan and the speed of a cheetah. This baby can hit speeds of up to 65 mph — that’s right, time to practice your "woo-hoo!" Not only will you look like you’re driving a luxury sports car on water, but you’ll also feel the thrill that comes with it.

Watch JetCar skim across the water.

If you prefer to stay on land, you might be interested in 3-D printed cakes, which use edible materials and a special printer to create stunning designs. On today's menu is a buttery graham cracker crust cheesecake printed from a machine. 

Through 3-D printing, a team of hungry researchers made a cheesecake by squeezing each ingredient — including graham cracker paste, peanut butter, strawberry jam, Nutella, banana puree, cherry drizzle and frosting — out of a syringe in thin lines and forming the layered dessert.

Watch a 3-D-printed cheesecake being made.


Now, let’s talk about something that many drivers struggle with — parallel parking. It can be a nightmare, especially in crowded cities, where finding a spot is hard enough. But what if you had a car that could park sideways, without you having to do anything? 

That’s what Hyundai’s EV concept car can do, thanks to a smart parking system that moves sideways by independently controlling each wheel. Hyundai’s new EV concept car makes parallel parking a breeze. No more worrying about hitting the curb, scratching the paint or annoying other drivers. Just sit back, relax and let the car do the work.

Watch Hyundai's concept car parallel park.


Meet the electric autonomous mega-mower robot, a giant machine by FireFly Automatix that can cut grass on large areas, such as golf courses, parks and farms.

The "big daddy" of mowers has a 100-inch cutting width, and it’ll devour 9 acres, or about 5.3 NFL football fields, in just one hour. It uses GPS, lidar, cameras and sensors to scan the environment and avoid obstacles. It can work for six hours on a single charge and also has a solar panel on top of it that can extend its battery life by two hours.

Watch the mega-mower cut grass.

How would you like to have shoes that can make you walk 250% faster? Yes, you read that right. These shoes will have you blazing past everyone else on the street. These strap-on "moonwalkers" will have you gliding on all 8's. Pittsburgh-based robotics and engineering company Shift Robotics developed these battery-powered kicks.


However, they aren't just fast, they're smart, too, and equipped with AI. According to the company's website, the AI within the shoes has instantaneous response times, making them super agile to seamlessly move about crowds. With this nifty addition, the Moonwalkers can adapt to your walking style, decreasing the risk of discomfort and providing a natural feel to your stride. With intuitive commands, you can even turn off the motor when you need to climb stairs or walk more leisurely.

Watch the world's fastest shoes in action.

KIME is a humanoid bartending kiosk that stands as a testament to the possibilities of robotic technology in food service. KIME isn’t just a machine; it’s a marvel of modern engineering that seamlessly blends efficiency with a user-centric approach. KIME is capable of serving two beers every six seconds, thereby operating non-stop, 24/7. Its ability to offer up to 12 different products per kiosk showcases the versatility and adaptability of this robotic system.

Watch the robo-bartender at work.


Now, let’s switch gears and talk about something that combines speed and technology: AI race cars. These are cars that can drive themselves on a racetrack, competing against other AI cars or human drivers. They use cameras, sensors and algorithms to learn from their environment and improve their performance. They can also communicate with each other and avoid collisions.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge had its tournament aiming to push the boundaries of head-to-head autonomous racing and showcase the future of autonomous mobility at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It featured nine teams from 17 universities spanning six countries seeking to break autonomous racing world records. In the end, it was team PoliMOVE from the Polytechnic University of Milan who ended up winning the whole thing.

Watch an AI race car drive.

How would you like to find your soul mate by your face? That’s what the dating app called SciMatch claims to do. This newcomer on the dating app scene is shaking things up by tossing out the tedious task of crafting dating profiles, opting instead to dive into AI-powered facial recognition. SciMatch proposes a simple premise. Snap a selfie and let the app do the rest. Its AI, named A.I. Ruby, scans your facial features to deduce personality traits and fish out compatible profiles from its database.

Watch how this dating app works.


How would you like to have a burger cooked by a robot in less than 60 seconds? That’s what the Alpha Grill can do. The robot uses artificial intelligence and sensors to adjust the temperature, time and pressure of the grill according to the thickness and weight of the meat. The robot can also detect when the patties are done, and since it cooks both sides simultaneously, there’s no need to flip them over like those grilled the old-fashioned way. It grills the burgers perfectly every time, so there are no worries about overcooking or undercooking. Once the patties are cooked, they are picked up by a human on the cook line, who can then add the toppings and buns of their choice.

Watch this robot cook a burger.

How would you like a phone that can bend around your wrist? That’s what this crazy flexible phone from Motorola can do. The adaptive display is a flexible OLED screen that can bend without breaking. It uses advanced materials and sensors to bend and fold into different forms. You can use it as a regular smartphone, a tablet, a wristband, a necklace or even a hat. It can also detect your location, activity and environment and switch to the best mode for you.

See how this watch works.

As you can see, technology is constantly evolving and creating new ways to enhance our lives. Whether it’s for fun, convenience or efficiency, these inventions are sure to make a splash in the near future.

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