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Chiefs spare Patriots with late-game gesture, but hesitant Kansas City bettors miss out
December 19 2023, 08:00

Andy Reid called it "the right thing to do," but there are certainly some unlucky bettors that would disagree with that. 

During the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, quarterback Patrick Mahomes took a knee on 4th and goal to turn the ball over with 36 seconds left in the game. 

The decision not to run up the score, spared coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots who have already been eliminated from playoff contention with a 3-11 record.


When asked if it was done out of respect for the veteran coach, Reid told reporters, "Yeah, I mean it was the right thing to do." 

The display of good sportsmanship, however, might not have sat well with some. 

The Chiefs were the -10.5 by the closing line.

"Depending on when you grabbed either the Chiefs or Patriots point spread on Sunday, the knees taken by the Chiefs to turnover the ball instead of trying for another score led to a mixture of frustration and relief," Pat Morrow, head oddsmaker at Bovada, told Fox News Digital. 


"The Chiefs were below 10-pt favorites with us at Bovada right up until noon ET when they moved from -9.5 to -10. It was only at five minutes to kickoff that we moved one last time to Kansas City -10.5."

Patience, in this case, didn’t pay off. 

"For those late to the party it was another good reminder that if you like a side, especially a publicly favored team like the Chiefs, you're better off backing them earlier in the week. While we still took a good hit on the game we do thank Andy Reid for calling off the dogs when he did."

Another loss for New England comes amid even more speculation about Belichick’s future with the franchise. Despite recent reports indicating that owner Robert Kraft has made up his mind on moving on from him, the Chiefs seemed to sing his praise on Sunday. 

"He's done an unbelievable job, best in the business, ever," Reid said after the game. 

"That's what you're talking about, so, yeah. I don't question it. I know how great he is, and I've got to deal with him by playing against him, so nobody better, not that I've gone against. Nobody better."

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