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Hamas is orchestrating a plan to keep region ‘entrenched in a never-ending cycle of bloodshed': Pete Hegseth
December 17 2023, 08:00

While the world was shaken by the attacks on October 7, 2023, Israelis and those in the region are no strangers to conflict with Hamas

"This was a well-orchestrated plan devised over the course of years by the elected leaders of Gaza with the sole intention of keeping the region entrenched in a never ending cycle of bloodshed," FOX News' Pete Hegseth said in a trailer for FOX Nation's "Battle in the Holy Land: Israel at War."

The three-part series, now streaming on FOX Nation, not only explores the latest conflict between the waring states, it also unpacks the complex history and religious connections that have engulfed the region in conflict for centuries.


"You can't understand the battle without first understanding the history and religious connections to this sacred land," Hegseth said. 

"Battle in the Holy Land" has explored the conflicts plaguing the Holy Land, including the city of Bethlehem and Temple Mount. The latest installment of the series looks specifically at the most recent conflict which began over two months ago. 

On October 7, a terror attack by Hamas at a music festival in Israel claimed the lives of at least 260 concert-goers with many others kidnapped and injured. Those abducted — including American citizens — are still being held hostage in Gaza.

Since the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists in October, hundreds of civilians - including babies, the elderly, and soldiers - have been killed, wounded or captured. 

Israel retaliated against Hamas by firing missiles into Gaza.

The first episode of the FOX Nation series hears from experts and explores the nearly 3,000-year turbulent history of Israel and its relationship with various empires.

From biblical times to the Ottoman Empire and beyond, the Holy Land has been home to religious conquests, rival empires and revolts. This history laid the groundwork for a region engulfed in battles and fights for survival.


In the second episode, experts on the region discuss the fading dream of peace in the Middle East after the chance of peace is crushed by extremists like Hamas. 

"Hamas wanted to continue using violence," former Palestinian Authority Advisor Ghaith al-Omari said during the special.

"One thing was clear, and that was that the peace process was dead," former Treasury Dept Terrorism Finance Analyst Jonathan Schanzer added.

The final episode dissects the fall of democracy in Gaza following Israel's decision to pull out of the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements in 2005.

After years of violence from the Second Intifada, the move was an attempt to scuttle the peace process. What the disengagement policy did, however, has left both Israelis and Palestinians frustrated.

In the aftermath, Hamas surged in popularity and gained power in the region after transitioning into a political party and winning decisive legislative victories. 

By 2007, Hamas had swept full control of Gaza. According to the U.S., EU and Israel, it has maintained an iron-clad grip on Gaza since violently taking over the territory and is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the State Department. 

Hegseth argues it was Hamas' rise in political power that enabled them to control Gaza and develop a "well-orchestrated plan" to destroy Israel. 


"Battle in the Holy Land: Israel at War" includes analysis from experts in the U.S. and abroad, including IDF Special Ops veteran Aaron Cohen, Foundation for Defense of Democracies' Mark Dubowitz, former Israeli National Security Advisor General Yaakov Amidror, and more.

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FOX News' Gabriele Regalbuto, Ashlynn Messier, Lawrence Richard and Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report.